Gear wheels

Over 400 types of gear wheels and splined springs with outer diameters from 12 to 600 mm and a module from 1 to 7.75 are manufactured commercially. Gear wheel types: cylindrical wheels with outer engagement and straight and helical teeth, cylindrical wheels with inner engagement, tapered wheels with straight and helical teeth.

Machining methods: lathing, grinding, gear cutting, milling, gear-tooth shaping, gear-tooth grinding, milling, honed finishing, gear shaping, spline grinding, electrosparking and broaching machining. Various kinds of mechanical surface hardening and a variety of chemical and thermal treatment methods, in particular nitride hardening, cement grouting, die quenching, are applied. Most parts pass dynamic balancing.

Gear wheels
Accuracy degree up to 5-4-4
Module, mm 1,5 …. 7,75
Number of gear teeth 6 …. 154
Overall dimensions, mm 18 …. 715
Weight, kg 0,02 …. 51,00
Tapered wheels with circle-arc teeth
Number of pairs 22
Front-end module, mm 3 …. 7,75
Axial angle 27,5° …. 136°
Accuracy degree, class 6