Non-rotational parts

The enterprise manufactures over 500 non-rotational parts with a wide range of overall dimensions from 15 to 1300 mm.

Large-size casings made of magnesium alloys have complex geometry and fall under high strength requirement parameters. Their manufacture includes:
- treating in specialized temperature-controlled sections,
- many measurements on coordinate inspection machines – up to 5000 parameters per 1 casing,
- extensive use of CNC-based machining centres – up to 2500 adjustments of cutting tools,
- applying special protective galvanic and paint coatings,
- many hydraulic and pneumatic tests.

Overall dimensions, mm 15 …. 1300
Weight, kg 0,02 …. 180
Tolerance for coordinate dimensions (large-size casings), µm up to 20
Surface finish of mounting seats up to Ra 1,6
Material: Steels, titanium, aluminum and magnesium alloys
Workpieces: CP castings, large-size shaped castings, die-casting, closed die-forging