Mechanical engineering

40,000 part names.
High specialisation degree.
All metal working methods.

Unique machines manufactured by WFL, BOEHRINGER, CETOS, Studer, SCHAUDT, MAS, OKUMA, TACCHI, MIKRON, HERMLE and other imported and domestic high-technology mechanical engineering facilities enable machining of a wide product mix ranging from large-sized shafts and body parts (about 100 product names with the diameter from 70 to 1200 mm) up to sundry fixtures, rubber and plastic parts.

Full-scale production of cylindrical and tapered gears is of special interest (more than 400 product names). Treatment of gears with a 4- or 6-class of accuracy with the module from 1 mm to 8 mm respectively is carried out on equipment manufactured by Reishauer, Gleason, Lorenz, KLINGELBERG.