• Spheres of business

KRASNY OCTIABR’s Key Trends of Activity

In the sphere of aeronautic equipment:
  • Development of helicopter transmissions, auxiliary power units for aircraft, industrial-purpose transmissions and gearboxes.
  • Pilot and full-scale production.
  • Maintenance.
  • Repair and upgrade.
  • Development of repair documentation and repair processes for aeronautic equipment.
  • Development, manufacture and delivery of dedicated equipment and tools for the repairs of output products.
  • Technical follow-up of aviation repair plants (ARP) in Russia and abroad, supply of spare parts.
  • Implementation of author’s supervision and provision of engineering services.
In the sphere of consumer products:
  • Development of engine-driven equipment, mini agricultural equipment.
  • Pilot and full-scale production of power blocks, Neva brand motor hoes, etc.
  • Warranty and post-warranty servicing, supply of spare parts.

The customers for products produced by Krasny Oсtaibr-Neva (a Krasny Octiabr’s division for manufacturing consumer goods) are trading companies in Russia, CIS states and neighboring countries.