• Design

Engineering Development

The establishment of the Aviation Design Bureau, pilot production and obtaining a license in 1998 for the right to develop aviation engineering all contributed to the expansion of Krasny Octiabr’s capabilities in mastering new brands of products including completion of the entire cycle of works, from outline designing to full-scale production..

The development of helicopter transmissions, aircraft auxiliary power units, industrial gear drives and reduction gears as well as process production preparation are performed with the use of a 3-tier CAD/CAM system providing complete automation of the designing/production process.

Key R&D Directions in the Sphere of Helicopter Transmissions

VR-38/382 main gearbox for Mi-38/38-2 helicopter

Main gearbox VR-382 was designed at Aviation Design Bureau of Krasny Octiabr for Mi-38 helicopter version equipped with two TV7-117V engines. Power in take-off mode is 2×2800 h.p. Multi-flow scheme, modular principle.

Program status:

  • The certification testing has completed, Type Certificate of category “B” has been issued for the helicopter.
  • Development work with further bench tests required for obtaining Type Certificate of category “A” for the helicopter.
  • Performance of flight tests as part of Mi-38-2 helicopters at Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant OJSC.
  • The latest specimens of main gearbox are being currently manufactured.

VR-10 main gearbox and tail transmission for Aktai light-weight helicopter

The takeoff power of 270 h.p. is ensured by a VAZ-4265 engine. The main gearbox scheme is planetary, three-stage.

R&D status:
  • The 1st set has been handed over to Kazan Helicopters for ground tests as a part of the helicopter.

VR-226N gearbox for Ka-226T coaxial-scheme helicopters

Gearbox VR-226N was designed at Aviation Design Bureau of Krasny Octiabr for the high-altitude version of helicopter Ka-226 with higher load capacity. In the take-off mode power transmitted from two engines Arrius 2G1 is 2×580 h.p.

Program status:

  • The certification testing has completed, serial letter “О1” has been assigned to the design documentation, Type Certificate has been issued for the helicopter.
  • A batch of series products for putting in service is being currently manufactured.
  • Bench tests in the scope of endurance tests are under way.
  • The new modification of gearbox is being designed for the helicopter version under the contract with the foreign customer.

Key R&D Directions in the Sphere of Aircraft Auxiliary Power Units

GTDE-117М (-1М) advanced gas-turbine engine-power unit Upgrading of the GTDE-117(-1) gas-turbine engine-power unit in order to improve start-up at high values of ambient temperature and ensure a high-altitude start-up of AL-31, RD-33 cruise engines in all design versions (the altitude of aviation engineering base airfields is up to 3.5 km above sea level) as well as increase of power by about 30% when operating as a APU (auxiliary power unit) (the power unit mode at the pre-flight aircraft preparation).
It is completely interchangeable with the basic version of GTDE-117(-1). A high degree of structural unification allows the above-mentioned upgrading to be performed during GTDE-117(-1) repairs.

Program status:

  • A range of engine modifications has been developed, particularly GTDE-117-1М1 the design of which allows its starting without oxygen supply to combustion chamber.
  • Most engine modifications are now produced serially.