Turbines and compressors

The list of auxiliary gas turbine engines, air and air-gas starters, helicopter gearboxes as well as hydraulic drives also includes a numerous assortment of turbine rotors and stators, compressors and fans, namely, their wheels, nozzle diaphragms, vane diffusers, guide vanes and other assembly units.

Soldering, welding, plasma spraying, special coat application, high precision dynamic balancing as well as hydraulic and overspeed tests are applied in addition to mechanical and electrospark machining of these parts and assembly units on equipment with computer numerical control.

Wheel diameters, mm 107 …. 497
Operating temperature range, K up to 1250
Operating speed range, rpm -1 up to 65000
Final unbalance, g∙cm up to 0,2
Materials of GTE turbines and nozzle diaphragms: high-alloyed heat resistant alloys
Materials of compressor and fan impellers: titanium, aluminum and magnesium alloys
Work pieces: CP casts, vacuum casting