Heavy duty parts and units

Product design includes a special group of parts and units with a complex three-dimensional form undergoing high cyclic and alternating loads. These include satellite casings, tow bars, wobble plate units, brackets, arms, levers etc. These units fall under strict requirement parameters for dimensional accuracy and relative location of surfaces.

Mechanical machining with high accuracy is done on multi-coordinate milling and turning-milling centers (including two-spindle ones) with computer numerical control. Some units pass final joint machining and long-time special tests.

Diameters of “casing”-type parts, mm 120 …. 500
Overall dimensions of “lever”-type parts, mm up to 205х680
Coordinate tolerance, µm up to 10
Form tolerance, µm up to 4
Beating, µm up to 15
Surface finish of mounting seats up to Ra 0,8
Weight, kg 0,65 …. 34,30