Clutch and joint parts

Parts used in clutches and joint shafts and constant angular velocity drives are included in one group of over 400 parts. Applied technologies make it possible to manufacture parts with high parameters of accuracy and contact strength.

The enterprise manufacturers parts for more than 20 clutch types: overrun, friction, plate, gear clutches etc. Clutches operate within the range of transmitted power up to 3900 h. p., at a speed of up to 19,000 rpm-1

The following CNC machines provide high precision machining: turning, milling, turning and milling, grinding machines.

Contact surface shapes: cylindrical, flat, spherical, toroidal.
Diameters of overrun clutch rings, mm 18 …. 140
Operating surface finis up to Ra 0,1
Form accuracy, µm up to 2
Final unbalance, g∙cm up to 2
Material: steels, titanium and aluminum alloys