Gas Turbine Engine-Power Unit (GTDE)

The GTDE is a turboshaft engine with a free turbine, has a modular design, with the turbocompressor module being one-shaft with centrifugal compressor and one-stage turbine. The reduction gear of the power turbine is executed according to the two-stage multi-flow scheme. The purpose is to provide the independent pre-flight aircraft preparation without starting the main engines and their subsequent startup.

The gas turbine engine-power unit differs by a relatively small mass at high available power, is produced in several modifications for a number of domestic and foreign planes. The main modifications – GTDE-117 and GTDE-117-1 are installed on MiG-29, MiG-29К, Su-27, Su-30, Su-33, Su-35, etc..


Modification GTDE-117 GTDE-117-1,
VK-100/VK-100V/VK-100N, VK-100K GTDE-117-1M (VK-100-1M), VK-100-1MK, GTDE-117-1M1, GTDE-117-1M2
Developer Klimov Corporation Krasny Octiabr
Klimov Corporation
Type Turboshaft, with free turbine
Inlet air temperature, oC From -60 to +60
Power in the starter mode, h.p.:
at Н=0 and ISA.
90+8 100+10 110+12 (100+13for VK-100-1MK)
at Н=2,5 km and ISA +300 оC 65+9 75+7 88+8
at Н=3,5 km and ISA +30оC Is not discussed 70+7 84+8
Power in the power-unit mode, h.p. 70+3 mode is not provided. mode is not provided. 90+5
Fuel RT, TC-1 and others
Fuel flow-rate, not more than, kg/hour
in the starter mode
in the power-unit mode


mode is not provided

mode is not provided

72(66,5 for VK-100-1MK)

72(62 for VK-100-1MK)

Overall dimensions, LхØ, mm 680X212
Mass, kg 42 43,9