Aircraft Accessory Gearboxes(AAG)

AAG are complicated multifunctional complexes equipped by gas turbine engines-power units, AC and DC generators, plunger and centrifugal pumps. The purpose is to provide the start-up of the main engines and functioning of all electric, hydraulic and fuel aircraft systems in the air and on the earth.

AAG KSA-2/3/4 are designed for installation on various modifications of MiG-29 fighters and are used for two RD-33 engines simultaneously, which has allowed to reduce the drive transmission weight for aircraft accessory and start-up, with high reliability requirements being secured.

KSA-2, KSA-3, KSA-4, KSA-33M

AAG type Twin-engine Twin-engine set with self-contained units
Type of aircraft MiG-29 MiG-29K/KUB, MiG-29M/M2, MiG-35
Power being transferred, h.p. 201,2 231,2 305,9 174х2
Rotation speed at input shaft, RPM 13443 13443 13443 13443
Number of aircraft accessory 5 5 5 5х2
Mass, kg 265 255 272 348,3

The production of a number of aircraft accessory gearboxes of the single-engine type has been deployed at the enterprise for foreign aircraft with the engines RD-33N and etc. – KSA-52, KSA-53 and others.

KSA-52, KSA-53

KSA-52 KSA-53
AAG type Single-engine
Type of engine CMP-95
Type of aircraft Super Mirage F-1 Super Cheetah D-2
Power being transferred, h.p. 118,97 118,97
Rotation speed at input shaft, RPM 9066 9066
Number of aircraft accessory 5 5
Mass, kg 160 160

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